May 26, 2010

Win RPattz Balloon Art-Work

No, that is not a typo. Rob and Mama Patttz teamed up to design:

this one-of-a-kind balloon artwork for PACT with STARS, "an auction of unique artwork by some of the biggest names in the world."
All proceeds will go toward PACT’s efforts to locate missing children and bring them home safely to their families.

Bidding will begin
today (May 25th) which is International Missing Children's Day.

If you're unable to bid on Rob's balloon or any other celebrities you can also buy the book of the artwork.
You can bid for Rob's art-work, which I think looks distinctly Dali-esque, on EBAY

- Lorabell


  1. Today I was watching Rob interviews on youtube and you know those pop up's on the bottom of the vids?

    Yh well one of them popped up and said "Win Robert Pattinson Art Work" but I thought it was just bs.

    Wow me gonna pay more attention to them next time!

  2. And yet its not actually up for auction or buy it now. Its just on the first page.... hmmmmm

  3. okay so i know this is highly inappropriate, and i KNOW it's probably not intentional, BUT does anyone else kind of see the shape of a penis in the lower left part of the balloon?? it's a little bent and irregular but i swear it's what it looks like to me! haha

  4. yeah definitely that was the first thing I thought when I saw it too.

  5. I'd buy that. *nodding head up and down*

  6. OK, I have stared at this for waaay too long, and the best I can figure is that it's a bunch of squiggles....I wanna know what he was aiming at when he was drawing it?


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