May 15, 2010

Twilighters at Young Hollywood...

Dad, do I have to be in the picture?!

Love, love, LOVING Ashley's dress!

Is that a tattoo I spy under Nikki's arm - who knew?!

Aw, and BooBoo too *squish*

Ashley won the Style Icon award and Nikki won the SuperStar in the Making award at the Young Hollywood event in LA last week - see more pics at Team Twilight

- Lorabell


  1. Nikki has three tattoos; wrist, back o/t neck and below r/ shoulderblade. They look like she's had them for a while too.

  2. luv luv luuuvvvvv Ashleys dress :D

  3. I love Ashley's dress too. Wish Nikki's style were similar. I think she's a hottie like Ash. Just sayin'. ;)


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