May 5, 2010

Twifecta (plus Dakota) on Oprah - Tweets from the audience

RT @MochaChick8705: @KstewAngel she was wearing a green, fitted zip-up sweater, black leggings, and black high heels. Very stylish!!

RT @dkmulder: seating, Rob, Kris. Tay. Dakota came out and Tay switched with Kris so besties could sit by each other. It's raining.

RT @dkmulder: Oprah asked about them, Rob joked and said Kris is pregnant! LOL

RT @kstewartnews: RT @dkmulder: Then Kris said Rob's having the baby.

RT @MochaChick8705: parted down the side, kept running her fingers through it and pushing it back. longer layers than the mullet and brown. [her hair]

RT @MochaChick8705 she flat out asked them. Rob said Kristen was actually pregnant, but then Kristen said he would be having the baby.

'Forest green. She smiled and giggled. No bitchface. She was so cute when she was awkward and couldn't think of what to say'

RT @MochaChick8705: they kept smiling back and forth and saying inside jokes. Honestly, they totally seem like they like each other.

RT @KstewRobFans: Questions #Oprah asked : what do u do on a saturday night, do u feel typecast, why'd u take on the role

'Oprah did ask the ultimate question R Rob & Kristen together. Rob deflected w/a joke. R: "Kristen is pregnant." K:"he likes to shock ppl." O:"oh..*laughs" K:"unless u want it to be u" O:"ok! I wouldn't mind!" Every1 laughed More as we get it...


  1. SO insanely jealous of these people.

  2. @Hannah - I'm jealous as well.

    Can't wait to watch the episode next week.

  3. I want to see it now :(
    Also I saw somewhere that Oprah gave everyone a ring like Bella' that true?
    I'm really jealous now >.> LoL

  4. Are we going to be able to see the trailer? I thought the last one was it. I just read that everyone else will have to wait until the movie. Grrr >.>

  5. When does this episode of Oprah air?


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