May 2, 2010

Stewy's in NY, Rob & Taylor leave LA & Steph goes to VC?!

OK *deep breath* here goes...

Reportedly, Kristen's in NYC (jealous!) to attend the Met Costume Gala

Rob and Taylor were spotted flying out of LAX from the Couve along with...

Stephenie had been in town to oversea the Eclipse reshoots :)

See more pics at Lion_Lamb and TwiFans

TA DA - that is one Hale load of Twi-travel!

- Lorabell

P.s. I'm with CalliopeBlabs that it'd be crazy awesome for Stew to rock this look - woah yeah:


  1. Can we please stop calling Kristen Stewy. It's about as bad as calling Taylor TayTay. How about just Kristen even KStew is better than Stewy. Thanks.

  2. I'm confused?! Have Rob and Taylor Left Vacouver now? and Stephanie is in Vancouver or did the guys fly down to LA and fly back to the Couve with Stephanie?
    Can some one clarify this?

  3. 3:42 I agree, Stewy is a little boy in a striped shirt with a skinned knee and a bad overbite who looks at you cross-eyed from the curb in front of the grocery store..Kristin is sooo not that..

  4. Meh, I like Stewy :)

  5. Where can we watch the costume inst. gala/red carpet? Any suggestions or blogs who will speed post? HMMM! Like the Oscars I'm nervous/excited for KStew (or Stewy... whatev... but that is a little family guy) I like Lorabell's names like Jetstew so any other suggestions? Hmmmm again

  6. @Anon 12.03: Rob and Taylor have left VC as has Stephenie - the pics were taken after their flight back to LAX.

    @Anon 3.42: "Can *we* please stop calling Kristen Stewy"? You can call her what you like and I'm pretty sure Lorabell can too.


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