May 4, 2010

Squeee - A HALE Load of Eclipse Promo Pics!!!

Update: A few more...

Click for bigger!

I really want this shirt - just sayin'

Just me or did Emmett go SciFi?

Um, did Jared get buff?

- Lorabell :D

P.s. I've never noticed how many character names begin with E - Edward, Emmett, Esme, Embry, Emily - it makes labeling very confusing O_o


  1. Gahh.... this just means Eclipse is that much closer.

    On that note, a) I want rachelle back (sorry bryce), b)nikki looks REALLY young, and C)emmets bangs!! gahhhhh


  2. rachelle had the perfect victoria hair.

    rob needs to wax his eyebrows

  3. Edward - I want Twilight Edward Back!
    Alice - What happened to the spiky hair?
    Esme - What have they done to her?
    Emmett - Looks like Spoke.
    Jasper - Dear god Jasper's hair!
    Victoria - Not Rachelle

    I preferred the Twilight contacts. If their eyes were really that orange people would start thinking suspiciously.
    -- Overall I think they should go back to the Twilight looks, they were the best, most naturalistic and to the book.

  4. AHAHAHAHAH... I just opened this page and my mom walked by on me looking at the shots of Tay and she was like "oh my god..." (in a good way) she was TOTALLY oggling little Tay.

  5. these worry me a little... A combo of Twilight and New Moon looks would have been perfect... oh well

  6. daniel cudmore is so sexy but what the hell is up with the hair?

    they need to get a diehard twilight fan to be on staff to tell them when they're messing sh*t up.

  7. That's Daniel Cudmore between Kristen and Xavier? I was wondering who it was. He kind of looks like Chaske in that pic. Elizabeth's facial expression is kind of odd here, not very Esme-like imo. And Ashley and Kellan look like pinball heads, haha!
    Kristen looks more Bella than in NM here though so that's good, & I love Julia's one, I think she looks perfect as Leah :)

  8. Best picture? I'm my opinion is Leah... she looks EXACTLY how I pictured her, and her b*tchy face is just perfect!

  9. Rosalie's hairline - FAIL.

  10. Love Edward and Kristens pic(even though her hair was a little weird,Love Carliel,Esme,Rosalie,Emmets hair totally Sucks,Jasper's pic Sucked,Alice's was ok..or one of them was,liked Jacob's top pic not bottom one though,Loved jane's pic and Bree's even though her hair is supposed to be shoulder length.Loved Sam,emily and Leah...and Victoria?...What is with her hair??? Like it hardly moves in the trailer..she looks like she just got a perm. Wish Rachel was still her. oh well.

  11. Victoria doesn't even look mean at all in that picture or even pissed off in the slightest.

  12. alie to all above coments ! i dont know how but they manage to make all of them look bare nasty and leah just looks butttaaaaas. and i want edwards twilight hair back and alow their contacts,just WROOONG.

  13. I agree, Twilight's looks were the best. The new Victoria...Not feeling it.

  14. Again with the fugly clothes! Ashley's clothes are from the "Hansel & Gretel" line @ Sears. Don't even get me started on the hair and that Bad Bella weave!


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