May 28, 2010

Second BTS Video of KStew's Elle Shoot

Go screen-cappers, go!

I can not wait for many many outtakes too :)

- Lorabell


  1. so gorgeous she is my girl crush and she is so autentic just love her

  2. Lorabell: Love this vid! Thanks for posting. Also, I'll add that the US and UK versions of Elle (same for the BTS vids) are two different shoots, interviews, vids etc. Some people are confusing them as a "Part 1" and "Part 2" when they are actually two totally different articles w/ different pics, vids, etc. Thanks again for posting!

  3. she is just incredible georgeus girl,just borne to be actress.she has that x-factor which makes her special.something in her face that she could be tired,angry,dirty,dress in paper sack,but still interesting,beautifull,special and different.u cant find many people like that.

  4. @Anon 8.49: Thanks for clarifying for peeps ;) I was aware but it's hard to fit that explanation as a title and fell asleep approximately 5 seconds after posting, lol!
    - Lorabell :)

  5. Hia, just wondering if you happen to know the name of this song. If you do, can you please post it as an edit to the post or as a new post? Thanks for a great blog!

    xx, Naia

  6. I think Kristen looks gorgeous in these images. Also, I think she has smoked just enough Camels to develop a sexy voice... is she continues, however, her voice may get like Katherine whatshername from Romancing the Stone.


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