May 22, 2010

PFach's Featured Profile for NYU Alumni

So, although I'm from the UK, I actually went to NYU for grad school and so get the Alumni letter.

When the most recent one turned up in my inbox a few days ago I didn't open it right away, but when I did saw our own beloved PFach staring back at me!

It turns out that he's being featured in the 2010 Alumni issue, having recently revisited his Alma Mater, talking about how his time studying at NYU helped him get where he is today.

He also reveals that he's written three screen plays, two of which are going into production in the coming months as well as having served as a Narrative Short Film juror for this year's Tribeca Film Festival - who knew?!
He cites the teachers as one of the best aspects of NYU, and says it’s thanks to his speech teacher, Susan Finch, that there’s no trace left of that thick New York accent he had when he first arrived. “To be a good actor, you have to come from a neutral place. If you walk a certain way, or talk a certain way, it limits your ability to play certain characters, when you really should start from a clean slate and build a character from the ground up instead of building off yourself. And I’ve been able to do some very different roles because of that,” he explains.

In addition to his acting credits, Facinelli has also written three screenplays, two of which will begin shooting in the coming months. And he recently served as a Narrative Short Film juror at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, which he says is real honor for him as a native New Yorker. “New York will always be a part of me,” he admits. Even though he currently lives in LA with his wife, actress Jennie Garth, and three daughters, he comes back to New York often to shoot
Nurse Jackieand to visit his parents, who now live on Long Island.
Check out the full article by Kritsine Jannuzzi

Ah, NYU *tear*

- Lorabell

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