May 19, 2010

New Eclipse Set Pics - Grad Party & The Tent!

Click for not a lot bigger...

Stop looking so smug, Jake - Edward can hear you!

Alice went to town!

Is this not just exactly how you pictured?

- Lorabell *BOUNCE*


  1. tent looks how i imagined it, no surprise there. it's a tent and woods, how bad could they eff that up?

    the grad party looks awesome. wouldn't it be hard to avoid those low hanging light contraptions though?

  2. TK, not really. Those are just lining the room, they aren't in the middle. If someone really wanted to stand against the wall, they would be out of luck. But otherwise, those would be easy to avoid.

  3. They did an awesome job ^.^
    The party looks amazing, so Alice ;)

  4. OMG
    I love that scene
    I can't wait!
    They better leave the dialogue exactly as it is in the book

  5. i agree. i love the tent scene. it must be perfect

  6. These pictures are fakes. The "party" picture I have seen somewhere else beforehand. The "tent" scene pic can probably be found in some other movie or such. I'd bet my life on it.As much as I wish they were real, they are more likely then not, fakes, or wishful thoughts of what they would IMAGINE it would look like.


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