May 10, 2010

New Rob Pics - Hummana Hai There :)

Update: More via TwiFans - I like to call this first one "Um... K?"

Hawt beanie bathroom action!

That is a bathroom, right? Seriously, that looks like a paper roll behind him...

- Lorabell


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    is there anything else that can be said besides he's to die for

  2. In the last picture he really does look dirty.
    Especially with the ripped and torn collar of his shirt.
    But for some reason I'd still do him... *shaking head*

  3. The first one is so cute and funny ;)

  4. Why does he always have to suck in his cheeks like that. lol

  5. He looks bombed in the first one. LMAO!

    The rest he looks too skinny.

    @ candkisseshim- I know, right. Maybe he has terrible dry mouth? That'll happen if you consume a tonage of alcohol. Cotton mouth is horrible.

  6. holy hell he looks yummy. but i don't dig the brows lol, i find him more appealing facial hair and all rather than super groomed. i like em dirty


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