May 6, 2010

New Eclipse Still & Early Screening Reactions!

Update: Click for HQ -

Oh my - keep tugging at that shirt, Bella - he sparkles!!!

Aaaand, some lucky peeps were treated to a rough cut of Eclipse when they went to see the Oprah show - here are some Tweet reactions:

@Courtneex3 OH MY GOD!!!! Eclipse was absolutely AMAZING. Better than both New Moon &
Twilight! Holyy crap

@JustSoJazzyDiva yes there was a lot of romance btwn
B&E. Theyvleft nothing out!!!

@TwiFans there was
good music actually can't wait for the CD to come out.

@JustSoJazzyDiva yes there was a lot of Edward & Bella. They didn't miss a thing
you're gonna be blown away for sure.

@JustSoJazzyDiva best movie by far! Awesome fight scenes!!! pretty much everything in!!

@JustSoJazzyDiva [Alice and Jasper] have waaay more screen time!! U even get to see them
interact more w/ each other!

@TrendingJB Just saw Eclipse!! AMAZING movie. That's ALL I'm saying.

@CristalVaca Just watched Eclipse, it was f***ing incredible.

@Nicolediscogrll I just saw Eclipse. Oh my god. Best movie I have ever see. The fight
scenes the love scenes oh my god.

@Nicolediscogrll will NOT be disappointed and the love sceenes are f'ng HOT.
Turned me on a little.

@JustSoJazzyDiva yes he's totally on the horse it was great!!! (Talking about Jasper)

@JustSoJazzyDiva@TwiFans it was
about 2hrs but felt longer b/c it was soooo good


My friend who just saw the Oprah Eclipse screening just put this on her FB: "Ok guys the eclipse movie surpassed the other two movies by far
it was AWESOME! You are going to love love love it"

@TwilightLexicon: Film wasn't fully finished but it was still very good! It's my favorite of the three so far. Job well done all around!

Thanks Hannah via TwiFans



  1. i.want.eclipse.NOW

  2. Oh WoW, thank you for posting ^.^ I'm really really excited now. I'm so happy to hear that there is lots of Edward and Bella, with awesome love scenes YaY!!! I can't wait :)

  3. Sqqquuuueeeee! So sounds like I won't have to hunt Slade down... You might, just might be off the hook Sladey ;)

    Btw luff that pic! --Go Bella Go Bella.. take his shirt take off.. take his shirt off!

  4. Yes! Jealous,but very cool!!

  5. rip off the shirt!

    soooooo glad there is gonna be loads of bella and edward scenes!


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