May 5, 2010

KStew's Flaunt Mag Scans

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Guess what I'm buying at lunch?! *bounce bounce bounce*


  1. Love the article, so honest and open - I'd never heard the Ebert quote before, he's right! I love it!

  2. Thank you so much for posting!!
    Sometimes I get a little annoyed with her..
    She wants to be left alone, yet she does press and poses for photos. Then she seems embarrassed sometimes for being associated with just Twilight and then she will thank the fans for watching. Umm, make up your mind and stop it already. She is smart and knows what the territory was before she got into it. Her parents work in the industry!! She said she started acting not to be famous. Fine. But there is always that possibility you will get noticed. As she did. Sometimes I just think she might be a little hypocritical. Just me.

  3. ^^ I totally agree, she does tend to come across as quite Hypocritical, when in one interview she's sullen and acts like she couldn't care less and wants to dissapear off the face of the earth, and then thanking the fans for being so dedicated in another
    But she does have a certaing coolness about her I suppose, and i take it she doesn't like cookies haha

  4. Don't agree at all. Of course she is going to thank the Twi fans at every opportunity, and she's never blamed them, or the franchise for anything. Only the paps. She's the first person to say how much she loves her work in Twilight and how she'd do it again in a heartbeat. She just seems stand offish because it's rather unbearable at this point for her to be in public, etc. As far as the fans who Tweet her whereabouts,I think it's perfectly fine for people to understand the consequences of their telling everyone where she is at any given moment. When someone always has a camera in your face and hangs on your every word, you're not going to sound grateful all of the time. For someone so private it's amazing that she can deal with any of this without turning into Lindsey Lohan.
    In short, it's not hypocrisy, it's conflicting feelings being expressed at different times.

  5. and even though her parents are in the industry, NO one knew what Twilight would become. No one making this movie could have determined that it would become an international machine. Otherwise they would have given Catherine H some money for special effects! Besides, Kristen cares about her projects and is fiercely protective of them. She's the biggest champion of Twilight. The greatest cheerleader. Doesn't mean she was prepared to give her life away.
    Note: It's important to note that she was also pissed in this interview b/c she had JUST been driven from the parking lot by the paps when trying to have an reunion with Sean Penn. That has to SUCK.

  6. Im sorry but working in the film industry is not a job at a supermarket .. You are going to get noticed. I dont care what kind of movies you do, people eventually will know who you are. So her saying she is protective of her work is quite funny to me. Its out there for all to see. Its not private.

  7. I meant protective as in "defending Twilight" to everyone who discounts it (see a few posts back "hen she seems embarrassed sometimes for being associated with just Twilight..." ), I of course didn't mean it in the sense of her trying to hide it. and I understand that people will know who she is...but there's a difference in the relationship between say, Jessica Alba and the paparazzi and the fans, our Kristen who can't pump gas. Everywhere she is could potentially be a mob scene. Could you handle that?

  8. That is a beautiful magazine spread! The typography is so simple and clean & the photography is amazing! Their creative director is defs doing something right! Kristen looks amazing as always, the stylist has done a great job, such an edgy and provocative shoot.


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