May 27, 2010

KStew US Elle HQ Scans - because somehow I missed these!

Click for HQ


Must. Buy. Magazine....s.

Seriously, am I the only one who plans on buying both the US and UK versions?

More at EverGlow

- Lorabell... my bad.

P.s. Dear @cmcmahonphoto I heart your work - go go gadget graphics ;)


  1. yeah, but I'm not sure all we've seen are in the US June 2010 version. I think there is also a UK Special Edition version that might not be available now...

    sad sigh

    I'm confused, are there more? Can anyone straighten this out for me?

  2. @M474: These are the US pic and article scans; the previous pics and article were the UK ones; the special edition is UK too (the black/white cover).
    Make more sense?
    - Lorabell :)

  3. if I can find the UK one I'm buying both! different interviews, different pictures - both awesome. (=

  4. i cannot get over how much she looks like ashley greene in the last pic.

  5. awesome photo's I've been noticing in recent photos, interviews how grown up KS is looking. Within the last year she lost that child look and looks like a beautiful young women now. Must be all the hott sex!!


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