May 15, 2010

Eclipse Merch for Pre-Order at Hot Topic - And lookie what I can see...

Click for bigger...

Oh, is that a close up of the proposal scene I spy?! *swoon*
Bottom left - Marie, Nettie and Lucy?! Jacksper better watch out - they look bitey!

Yaaay for merch *bounce* I'm such a sucker and want a HALE load of it... though, when will Hot Topic learn they'll sell much more without people's faces plastered all over - just me?!

Pre-order your Eclipse merch at Hot Topic!

- Lorabell :)


    I want it ALL!
    This stuff is wayyyy cooler than the New Moon merch!
    I'm LOVIN it all!!!!

  2. YaaaY!!! I will have to bust out of my Twicloset for this stuff LoL XD Which last night probably did it for fiance got me a Twilight cake for my birthday, so I think that took care of it LoL I love it all too ;)

  3. I agree!! No faces on merch! I prefer the symbols and quotes (short ones).

  4. I totally agree with the no faces thing. Being an older Twihard, I am not going to run around with Robert Pattinson's face on my chest, but a cool logo and/or phrase from the books, totally would rock that.

    Also, where is all the Jasper merch? Eclipse is very Jasper oriented and I am looking forward to "Jasper's Army" stuff. I got some when I was in Forks last year, but I was expecting a lot more once this movie came out. So where is it? I saw a "Team Emmett" shirt, where is "Team Jasper?"

  5. I agree with no faces >.< hehe
    I love Jasper too, I think they need more of his stuff.

  6. Hmph...being from Australia,it won't let me pre-order for some reason. Grr....


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