May 25, 2010

David Tweets Stunning New Alice Shot!

Click for

David Slade
twitpic this awesome shot of Alice and is apparently:
Now making the prints for your cinemas. We are officially one step away from the screen. In celebration here is a pick taken of Ashley during pre production.

- Lorabell


  1. WoW, I love it ^.^ Gorgeous :)

  2. I wish he would tell us the type of camera and lens he uses for these twitpics - yes, I'm a photography geek.

  3. Simply beautiful.

    I love to take black and white photo's. There's something moody and poinient about a picture like this. Beautiful.

  4. that would be 'poignant'

  5. I absolutely love his photography! His use of apertures and dramatic lighting are fantastic. (I'm a photo geek) All of his photos are amazing. I can't tell if he uses photoshop to enhance some of them (filters) but they are perfect. I wish I had half the amount of talent he does :D.

  6. @spellesmee- Yeah, oops. I suck at spelling. So suit me. =) Thanks.


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