May 22, 2010

Billy "I hope you all enjoy seeing me in my underpants…" Burke's Debut Music Video :)

Gotta be honest, kinda miss the 'stache

Check out for the free download of his debut single and general funny musings from the Chief:

I can’t tell you all how invaluable your involvement has been in helping spread the word about this album. Again, thanks so much for all the kind words. As I write this, the rest of the record is being completed and mastered. We’re still on schedule for a June 22nd release. It’s really been quite cool for me to have this place to communicate with you all in a more personal setting. That said, I’ve been a bit lame lately due to a non-stop schedule in terms of responding to your comments and emails. I WILL get better.

With sincere gratitude and as always much love, I hope you all enjoy seeing me in my underpants…


Heart you, Billy!

- Lorabell

P.s. STY & JJ - hop to ;)

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  1. Oh god...i love Billy Burke, but this is why actors should stick to their acting careers. That video clip was um horrible, and I can't say i'm a huge fan of the song either, which is a shame. The only actor I would ever care to see make an album would be Rob haha


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