April 5, 2010

*Spoiler Alert* Eclipse Sneak Peek Screen Caps Deets!


Being dropped off before the campfire, Bella? Hope Edward's not getting too jealous!

Hold her tight on the run to the campsite, Jake ;)

Bella, please tell me that hat was just for rehearsals :/

Keep your paws to yourself, pup!

This is why I'm no good at avoiding spoilers - I looooooove spotting things like this! I will re-read books and re-watch movies until I know every detail...

Obsessive Cullen Disorder? Nah...

Keeping these coming via TwiFans

- Lorabell

Update: Oooh, more via TwiFans - these took ages to upload so effing enjoy!

Awww, Leah-no-mates at the campfire...

Ouch - while Sam and Emily are all smiley...

Bitter much?

Clenched jaw, Jacob - he's mad about something!

Not sure where this is from... training or campfire?

Bad dreams or just guilt trips? How romantic *sigh*

When did it get so sunny in Forks? Since spending quality time with Jacob, that's when!

It's a shame those La Push boys can't afford bigger t-shirts ;)

Dissed and dismissed? Nice biceps though - nom!

Wow... awkward!

Writing out announcements in Bella's room to save creating a whole other set at Angela's house?

Proud parents (again!) at Graduation? See, caramel waves, Esme!

Edward's looking delightfully casual here - going camping perhaps? (I really want Bella's shirt btw.)

Is that the same shirt from the leg hitch scene?! Someone's about to be kidnapped!

Is that a bed post I spy? That's right, you smile that crooked smile, Edward!

Human Riley...

Ru ro, here comes (entirely new) Victoria!

Not quite so human Riley...

Rawr, vampire Riley!

What the HALE is Bella wearing to look so... full? Seriously, I could be here double there! Wonder if she's padded for stunts - oooh!

Suddenly less padded... and on the set of StarWars - Rosalie is looking very Abudala or whoever :/

Oooh, action Ken and Barbie!

This is PFach's serious face. Can. Not. Wait. to see Jacksper in action!

Oooh, what's Alice concentrating on?!

*sad panda*

That is one freaky looking new born *shudder*

OK, so this really does look like a "Volturi" Edward - red eyes, random suit, potential pendant - a less frolicky Alice vision?

Dun dun duuun! Jane's here and she ain't messing - this may hurt just a little.


  1. If she just puhses him instead of punching him I will be ticked! Anyway nice pictures love em and your comments on themm! :)

  2. Argh! Those we're amazing Lorabell! Thanks. Bella is such a moron in this book. I's almost painful to read.

  3. Bella's stunt double being carried.

  4. Oh these are killing me! I am going to be insane by the time this film is released. Sad to say I am now on my 5th time of re-reading the book because everytime I spot something new I have to pick the book up to verify and then catch myself starting from the beginning. I too am no good at avoiding spoilers and will watch for anything I can. That first picture is almost painful to look at - poor Edward.

    I think quite a few of us have OCD!

  5. I'm a big time spoiler bunny too, Lorabell
    I. Can't. Help. Myself.
    Love the first pic esp... Aww poor Edward.
    @ Maddie: I'm right there w/ ya.. I hope to God they didn't change the punch into a push!
    Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone, but didn't Jake try to kiss Bella and she punch him at his house? So I'm a little confused w/ the last pic anyway.

  6. Love these :) Don't worry Lorabell...I'm with ya >.< LoL I love spoilers too...which these aren't that bad, just stills ;)

  7. For some reason, putting a face to Leah FINALLY makes me feel bad for. Before it was just whatever, but now I can see her sucky situation.

  8. Btw, thanks for uploading all of this Lorabell! (:

  9. That puffed up Bella reminds me of when Joe (Friends) had to put on all those jumpers coz his gf kept punching him!

  10. OMG, I love them...thank you so much Lorabell ^.^

    The Edward smiling one is so sexy, new background lol ^.^
    Jacob's hot too ;)

    @Irene, I agree...I feel really bad for her :(
    She's playing the part awesome too ;)

  11. I love em, love em, love em!!!!

  12. I am sure someone pointed it out already but the hat might not be for rehearsals...I just finished reading this part of Eclipse (again...getting ready for the movie) and there is a bad storm rolling in when Jake runs with her to the campsite Edward has picked out.

  13. Has anyone read the script? Please tell me its a punch and not a push....that is my fav part !!!!

  14. I've read the script and it's more Bella/Jacob than Bella/Edward. They have also added a Riley/Victoria story line despite the fact they were a very small part of one chapter. Edward comes off weak and lame and the dog is sweet and kind...if I had not read the books I would never understand why Bella would choose Edward over the dog. The dog doesn't threaten suicide if Bella doesn't kiss him instead she gladly does it without any prompting. I could go on and on because they've changed the story a whole lot and that's why me and my friends are not going to see the movie. scummit sucks.

  15. Is it me or is Kristen's shirt riding up really high where she is pushing Jacob? ...

  16. Hi! Fellow twilight AND star wars fan here...The name is Amidala. :) Just wanting to share my wealth of nerd knowledge...And I totally agree with your comment about Rosalie's hair. lol

  17. The whole point of the series is Bella's undying devotion to Edward and her passion to be with him forever. Hope they didn't screw that up.

  18. Ha ha...Your photo captions are GREAT! Thanks for a good chuckle!

  19. I am so looking forward for this movie.
    And I hope Anon[12:57] is wrong cause Twilight is all about Edward and Bella! I didn't like NM because the lack of that.

  20. Why is the campfire scene in front of Jacob's house and not on the beach?

  21. Thanks Lorabell for the upload and overload of great Spoilage:)) I read the script too and they didn't change it too much, just switched and combined the order of the book. Added the beginning to explain the Riley/victoria set up. They have to make the movie for those who have not read the books or know the story line. I thought it was written well, because they captured SM story. Then how it get produced may be a different story, but the script is close to the book.

  22. Thanks for the funny captions. They were great. And I add to the hopes that Summit didn't screw this over.

  23. I think the second to last pic (just edward) is when Bella tells edward how she figured out victoria is trying to find her. ehh! ehh!

  24. Ok, the "push/punch" picture..I never really pictured Bella as a skinny jeans kind of girl..that seems a more overt clothing choice. Bit too much KStew in there


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