April 30, 2010

Official Eclipse Still Released...

Click before Charlie walks in ;)

In case you've not seen it before, this is the new Eclipse still now officially released.

How white is Edward's arm hair?! Woah O_o


- Lorabell :)


  1. "How white is Edward's arm hair?! Woah O_o"

    LMFAO Lorabell, your comments always crack me up!

  2. Whoa, white amr hair...well hellooo :D
    Honestly, the thing that bothers me most is Edwards sideburns, he's supposed to be 17 and that makes him look a bit too old :D (well not too old, but for the whole 17ish thing. He looked best in Twilight I have to say, at least in my opinion. But I still love him ofc. ;)

  3. I know he looks more like 37 than 17 but I wouldn't push him out of bed for eating crackers....

  4. Oh, i would never push him out of my bed either. Even if he does look older than 17 like he's suposed to be. :D

  5. Man, I would pull him into the bad, not out!! Lol... But yeah, it's better for me that he doesn't look 17, I kinda feel bad liking a 17 year old... Well, isn't Taylor 17?

  6. They say the hair on your arms goes white when you hit 107...


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