April 3, 2010

New/Old Haunted Airman HQ Pics

Click and zoom

If you've not seen this flick, it's worth watching for the finger close-ups alone - gah!

- Lorabell


  1. Rob in a pilot getup... NOM

  2. Love the finger porn in that film... It was like every two seconds!! haha loved it

  3. I haven't seen it yet but you make a great point LoL ;)

  4. I remember watching this when it was on the BBC...
    ... funny how at the time I didn't know that in a few years this guy would have me just at the sight of him!

  5. Worst movie Ever. This guy that had a crush on my roommate decided to rent it for her to...well anyways long story short, Terrible movie. The smoking was obnoxious and the plot was bad. Gosh I sound like such a movie critic but seriously. Don't rent it!!!


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