April 5, 2010

New videos from the Bel Ami set? I don't mind if I do!

Sweet cheezits, Rob in period costume is too much *thud* and I still don't have a good name him :/

What do we think of "DuRob" ...because his character is George DuRoy?

Oh why thank you, ROBsessed ;)

- Lorabell


  1. Lmao DuRob!

    Reminds me of that cheese advert...
    ... Du pain
    ... Du vin
    ... Du Boursin
    ... Du tractor!

  2. LoL, I like DuRob ;)
    Yes, he's working those clothes ;)

  3. The man could wear a trash bag and still be sexy. But WOW, he does look very nice in these costumes, especially with his top hat and cane.


  4. Okay, then its settled... DuRob it is.... We all liked to 'DuRob' ;) hehe

    Those period duds suit him very well, very very well.


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