April 16, 2010

New KStew Flaunt HQ Outtake & Interview...

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Typed out by my own fair hands:

Kristen Stewart

The actress starts in a shocking new rock biopic, carving out a niche of respect after years of teenybobber fare.

The courtyard looks like a wedding cake. Take a pickaxe to all this swept marble and you’d hit yellow sponge made from eggs, milk, and margarine. Perfect triangles of evergreen leap from topiary tubs, fountains make chlorinated areas into shallow pools emptied of even a single tossed penny. And there in the distance is our misplaced plastic bride, truant from the cake top, a few layers down, slouched against a cream-coloured column in a sunlit archway, exhaling Camel smoke. She is looking at the ground and looking everywhere at the same time.

“I knew it was going to be you,” she says cryptically, raising her head and stamping out the cigarette.

To be Kristen Stewart takes antennae. Offset from the scant groupings of hotel guests and khaki-painted walkabouts slowly roaming the manicured groups, Stewart is hiding badly. Even if she were not that girl from Twilight, she’d be that girl over there from who-knows-were, in the black jeans and a gray t-shirt, smoking and glowering and trying very hard not to look anyone in the eyes. With her invisible province breached by my approaching footsteps, her guard eases only slightly after an introduction.

Seated now near a new tree planted in freshly combed dirt, a nervous waiter takes drink orders and scurries off, all of his body language mutely bellowing “I know who you are!” Stewart is talking about Sean Penn. She knows him. She appeared in his film Into the Wild a few years ago and she just bumped into him out in front of the building. She had said, “What’s up?
He half-smirked and said, “Haiti.” They tried to linger, to smoke and talk, but in a matter of minutes, shutters were clicking, some paparazzi had gathered, and the conversation was abruptly over.

Now, freshly agitated, Stewart’s entire aspect is animated by nuisance. She winces with pain, clutching at her neck. “I must’ve slept on it wrong. Every time I look over my shoulder, it kills.” (Regardless, she’ll persist to peer behind her every so often with an audible start, turning back around with a grimace.) Every-thing has conspired and aligned here perfectly this afternoon for….

Loving this shoot so far - can't wait for more!

Thanks TK *squish* and Alycya - via KStewartFan and FierceBitchStew

- Lorabell


  1. not the biggest fan of this picture or this shoot in general. she is such a gorgeous girl. this shoot did not do her justice.

  2. Ok yeah, everytime I look at these pics I think its Adam Lambert... Lol.
    Its def a cool look but I like Kris when she has less makeup on and more of a fresher look--like the oh so famous/epic photoshoot for vanity fair back in the day

  3. Agreed to Tay+Lyn, I like Kris when she has less make-up on, just natural beauty and of course a neat look ^^


  4. i love kristen, i love joan jett..... it will be nice to see a photo shoot were they kinda stop fusing the two. can't deny, girl looks bad ass.
    the article seems really interesting, look forward to reading the rest when it's out.

  5. I actually think she doesn't have a lot of make-up going on here. Maybe it's the style, pale nosey and all. Hard to look tough and vulnerable but that's what I'm getting!

  6. thanks for typing this out all with your fair little hands! i remember seeing the photos of her and sean penn from that day - no wonder she was annoyed - lol! that said, i think at this point she can afford to go get a reeeaaalllly nice long fancy massage someplace to work that kink out of her neck... (i would totally have my own personal massage therapist with me everywhere if i had movie-star money!).

    : )

  7. From what I understand FLAUNT will be hitting the stands on April 19th here in Atlanta at Barnes & Noble. I will definitely be there when the doors open to grab my copy for me and some friends. Can't wait!!


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