April 20, 2010

New Jane Eclipse Poster added to ALA Read series

Pssh, think you're going to get away with kissing Bella, Jake? ***pain***

*Heart* how Taylor is concentrating - I bet he's reading the passage where Edward leaves!

Jane is the newest addition to the American Library Association's series of Twilight Read posters.

I feel these posters should come with a disclaimer:

"Warning - may cause readers to withdraw from human interaction for 4-5 days, forgo sleep and subsequently re-read series, trawl the internet *ahem* for any mention of "sparkles" and develop add terms 'lemony', 'unicorn' and 'oh Hale yes' to vocabulary."

- Lorabell


  1. I adore the ALA ads. However, I never see them in the libraries.

  2. i effin loooove these! i want all three in my personal library

  3. LMAO Lorabell. Love your little disclaimer... Ain't it true.
    Too bad they don't have Taylor reading Eclipse a la tent scene. But whatever part New Moon Taylor's reading, looks like he's really into it lol.

  4. Omg I was at the library yesterday, and I turn around and I'm smacked in the face with the wonderfulness of Edward and Bella reading about themselves. That really made my day! :)

  5. Lorabell:

    ahahaha...your disclaimer is brilliant and completely true.. I call the whole withdrawal from human interaction for 4-5 days "zombie mode"... If I start reading I will literally not put down the book or talk to people until I finish.. which is usually 24 hours. Lol. I fear zombie mode.. which is why I've only read new moon twice, eclipse twice, and BD and Twilight only once.

  6. Warning: this product has been known to chemically alter the brain to have physical response to anyone named Bella, Isabella, or Kristen (check that it's spelled with an e), develop never-before-experienced crushes on much younger man named Rob and compulsively crave the internet to check for any updates. Causing something I like to call a Twangover.

  7. We have the Edward and Bella one in my school library, so whenever I go in and leave I get a lil TwilightFix while I'm at school.

  8. Amen sister on that warning! I dropped off the planet for four days when I was reading the series.

  9. Aww I love these ^.^

    LoL @ Lorabell, Love the warning, happen to me...plus I got my mom to read the series, she's the same way now lol ;)


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