April 20, 2010

More Kristen pics from Coachella

Man, I am so fricking stoked to see a show that isn't that random British pub music!

Love how she's not actually sitting on the sponsored towel ;)

Lol, is that Bobby making that noise?! (don't hate me, TK)

I'm not kidding - it's like this!

I toootes wanted that boy to be Oregano ;) even though I knew it's brother-Stew (Taylor/Cameron?)

- Lorabell

NB: Yeah, I can't seem to get the underline to turn off... anyone?


  1. I think her brother's name is Cameron actually...

  2. @Anon 9.10 - She does have a brother called Taylor - is this CamStew? Thanks!
    - Lorabell #FanFail

  3. Nope I think you're right, this one's Taylor as far as everyone else has said, but I don't know, I thought Cameron was the really tall one? Or is that Dana? haha

  4. That's TayStew! There were rumours about CamStew, too, but apparently he wasn't there.
    I love Kristen with that hat, she seems so happy and carefree :)

  5. according to her bio on kristenstewart.com, she only has one brother...camstew

  6. Beautiful, amazing, genius noise, Lorabell. *swot*

  7. Snort! I love how everything is underlined. Leave it on!

  8. @ anon 9:41 She has more than one brother, this one is Taylor.


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