April 12, 2010

McDimply Makes My Undies Go Poof Er... On Jimmy Kimmel!

I kept meaning to post this and am so sorry I didn't sooner because - how cute is Kellan here?! Seriously, he's like the hawt guy who doesn't know he's soooo hawt and is therefore still super nice and charming - FTW!

Thanks Brooklynne

- Lorabell


  1. Too sweet to be in a horror movie, but still hott.

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  3. I was actually at the taping of the show... (they show me insanely clapping when they announced him)and he is really a great actor and very kind. There was alot of the interview cut from the show, and it was very 'sexual' talking about Kama Sutra and his doggies... but all in all... an AMAZING interview and show.

    Yeah, thats me at :34seconds =]


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