April 27, 2010

KStew's Bollywood Movie Debut - aaaand my mind is blown!

Update: Dang, the rumour got nixed by GossipCop:

Is Bella going Bollywood?Reports everywhere today claimTwilight star Kristen Stewartplans to take India by storm as the love interest in an upcoming Bollywood movie called Paani.
Supposedly, director Shekhar Kapur offered Stewart the role and the actress “gave the green signal.”
In the film, according to widespread rumors, Hrithik Roshan and Stewart play star-crossed lovers in what a so-called “source” refers to as a “Romeo and Juliet story.”
But don’t expect to see Stewart on set when cameras begin to roll.Her supposed Bollywood star turn is 100% made up.Stewart’s rep tells Gossip Cop, “She is not set to star in this movie.”

LOOOVE this - according to AceHollywood:

Kristen Stewart to Make Bollywood Debut With 'Paani'
In the film which story will resemble 'Romeo and Juliet', the American actress will play the lover of Indian actor Hrithik Roshan. After claiming fame in Hollywood, Kristen Stewart is set to invade movie industry in another country. The "Twilight" beauty is set to star in Bollywood movie titled "Paani", The Times of India has reported.

Stewart is reported to have been offered a role as wealthy girl by director Shekhar Kapur and she surprisingly "gave the green signal, provided the terms and conditions are met." In the film, which will be made in English, she will be seen romancing Indian actor Hrithik Roshan.

Roshan's character reportedly will fall in love with Stewart's and they end up becoming star-crossed lovers. A source additionally dishes on the idea of the film, saying it is "a sort of a Romeo and Juliet story."

Shekhar himself refused to talk much about the film until everything is finalized, claiming "I can't speak of the cast on record until everything is in place. Too many times I've been accused of talking about projects that never happen." But he assures that "Paani" will start this year.

Kristen Stewart is currently waiting for the release of "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" in which she once again stars opposite Robert Pattinson. She is expected to reprise her role as Bella Swan in the latest installment, "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn".

I think this is the guy she's cast opposite - just click. Trust.

P.s. Apparently "Paani" means "Water" :)


  1. Splendid news. I love Bollywood. I love that she's branching out as well.

  2. This girl has no boundaries.

  3. I don't think I believe this one...is it like April Fool's day over in India today ???

  4. Lol I meant that in a good way btw.
    She really has no boundaries in what she will try - the sign of a truly great actress.

  5. Woah he's gorgeous!! Kristen will really branch out if this is true.

  6. ewwww that guy is gross! what is he like 40?

  7. Have the gods been paying attention to my plight?! I'm over in India working for a year and have been missing/will be missing all the movie action in the States (TR, RM, Eclipse--India date not yet announced, WTTR, etc.). If this is true...and they are shooting over here (?!!)... ::i am died::

  8. isn't he the guy with two thumbs? ickk thank goodness for the falseness :)

  9. oh thats wonderful news!!!!
    he is the guy with 2 thumbs & he is an amazing actor!
    is'nt eclipse releasing in india?

  10. Guys don't be so horrible as he is an amazing and the most respectable actor in Bollywood Film Industry so there are no reasons to say 'ickk' or 'gross'. Please remember that when you are actor you really have to branch out to several roles to get credited amongst the best critics. Playing romantic roles that are not challenging are for Disney actors only!


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