April 5, 2010

Jackson's Directorial Debut for Spencer Bell Legacy Project

(Contains explicit lyrics)

If I was in Texas I'd be getting my Twilighter tush down to this concert - if we're addicts enough to vote awards shows up to wazoo, we can raise awareness enough for Jackson's Spencer Bell Legacy Project:

When “Eclipse” star Jackson Rathbone’s friend passed away several years ago from adrenal cancer, one of his deepest fears came true. “That’s probably my worst fear in life, to see a friend pass away,” he told Hollywood Crush while discussing his new horror movie, “Dread.” “My friend Spencer was an incredible musician and artist and he had so many songs that never would see the light of day.”

“The Spencer Bell Legacy Project has been up and running for the last three years,” Jackson said. “We’ve been able to put out now three albums of Spencer’s work posthumously. That to me is just incredible, the amount of people who have been supporting the cause for organ cancer awareness.”

On April 24th, the Project is hosting a fundraiser concert in Dallas (called The Spencer Bell Legacy Concert) to benefit cancer research and awareness, headlined by Jackson’s band, 100 Monkeys, and other friends of Spencer’s (including Drew and the Medicinal Pen, The Stevedores, Evro, The Kissing Club and Tin Tin Can).

As a way to promote the concert, Jackson directed a music video for a song of Spencer’s called “Beautiful, more So.” “It’s a little ad for the Dallas show and the Spencer Bell Legacy Concert,” he said. “Hopefully a whole lot of people will come out and rock out. A lot of bands are going to be playing.”

The video was Jackson’s directorial debut. “It was my first attempt at having an idea that coincides with a piece of music that I really love, and how I wanted to express that with the sentiment of a song, and also the lyrics. …It was just funny because literally I had a day off, so I just kind of went in and went for it.”

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- Lorabell

P.s. Just FYI, that's Jackson in the video :)

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  1. oh wow. His spirit is just beautiful. I applaud Jackson on his commitment to his friend and this important cause. I am just glad I can support, if only to show my appreciation to live in a planet where people like him exist.

    Who knew a little vampire book could do all this?


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