May 1, 2010

I Spy A ReShoot...

Ok, so I can't actually post the pics because Punk'D Images get all *finicky about that (even though we always link back so you can click through to them, which is what they want) so to see shots of which scenes are currently in reshoot over in VC see HERE and HERE... even though they totes don't deserve you over on their site ;)

I'll replace with actual photos as soon as they're available!

- Lorabell

*10 sparkles points for naming the "finicky" related FanFic in the comments?


  1. "Finicky" Bella to Edward from EP !! :)

  2. They kept the Eclipse set really sealed up coz we never had any pics of them shooting scenes when they were filming the body of Eclipse.
    -Unlike Twilight and NM.

  3. Emancipation proclamation.... EDWARD!!!

  4. omg love that fanfic!! Check out this girl, i really love her!

  5. OK I'm just too curious and have to ask, does EP stand for Eclipse or fanfic? And if so which one?

  6. @Lauren EP stands for the fanfic Emancipation Proclamation by kharizzmatik. If you like FanFics check out TheOneAndOnlyBellaCullen, shes an amazing writer, the link is in my other comment :-)


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