April 5, 2010

DuRob Top Hat & Cane Pics? Are we sure this isn't FanFic?!

Click for big

It's been a while but I think it's worthy of... FNAR!

Is it possible that the white gloves add to the finger nomness?!

See more at Thinking Of Rob

- Lorabell *thud*


  1. Is there Austen era Edward fanfiction out there?!? I would combust! I love this look and my panties are going to flame at Bel Ami!!!

  2. So.... Edward and Carlisle Cullen have a dark secret - they're much older than they let on - these are the flashbacks from Edward circa 1890s. Oh man, I so want that to be an Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles tie-in!

  3. Bella is under his hat.


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