April 16, 2010

Hale-a-Hawt KStew Flaunt Outtake!

Click for smouldering
Not to support smoking but... *phew* is it hot in here?

Well helloooo new screen saver!

Thanks Irene :)

- Lorabell


  1. Aside from the cigarette--which doesn't make anyone attractive--that's a really hot picture.
    Girl crush!!

  2. @Shanise, I disagree, a cigarette (even though it's unhealthy) is dammmmmnnn sexy! (L)
    I LOVE IT!! :D

  3. it looks like she had real trouble lighting the cigarette, and is covered in matches...

  4. C'mon on Stew we don't need to let the world know how you look when you wait for me to come home.

    I kid folks, sort of.

  5. OMG - - girl crush!

    WHY wouldn't Rob want to hit that! Ha! She's beautiful!

  6. She'd look a million times better with out the ciggie.. It's just not hot!

  7. @lieke_rietjens - Yes, lung cancer, smokers cough, yellowing of the fingers/fingernails and teeth, croaky voice and the horrible smell truly is the height of sexy.

    I like the picture but hate it at the same time... she looks fierce but the picture is like on the fence between edgey and trashy - the cigarette and setting, combined with the outfit and hairstyle, make it look very trailer trash.

    There are pictures of her where they've gone for the same kind of dark/seductive/edgey/"fuck you" type style - like the Allure and Interview magazine photoshoots and they're gorgeous but with this one the photographer failed (not Kristen, this is a critique of the photo, not her - she does look good still).


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