April 27, 2010

International Eclipse Release Dates...

UK release better be brought up or I'm going to be channeling Victoria - just sayin' ;)

Argentina June 30th, 2010
Belgium June 30th, 2010
Brazil June 30th, 2010
Canada June 30th, 2010
Chile June 30th, 2010
Denmark June 30th, 2010
Egypt June 30th, 2010
Finland June 30th, 2010
Italy June 30th, 2010
Israel June 30th, 2010
Kazakhstan June 30th, 2010
Mexico June 30th, 2010
Netherlands June 30th, 2010
Norway June 30th, 2010
Portugal June 30th, 2010
South Korea June 30th, 2010
Sweden June 30th, 2010
USA June 30th, 2010
Australia July 1st, 2010
New Zealand July 1st, 2010
Singapore July 1st, 2010
Slovakia July 1st, 2010
Iceland July 2nd, 2010
Turkey July 2nd, 2010
France July 7th, 2010
Estonia July 9th, 2010
Lithuania July 9th, 2010 (Vilnius)
UK July 9th, 2010
Germany July 15th, 2010

Sucks to be you, Germany :(

- Lorabell * TA DA!*


  1. I think they should open on the same day everywhere...that's horrible to make some places wait way longer than others :(

  2. I said the exact same thing on here when the dates for NM came out...
    ...and I'll say it again:
    -Why do we as a much bigger fandom in the UK have to wait longer than those in Kazakhstan!?

    I just don't get the reasoning behind this.

  3. July 9th!!! What the hell?!

  4. The fact it is so much later makes me think they'll actually do a premiere this year. :) .. its so crap though!

  5. Its 30th Juni in Norway :D yay.
    Cant wait for the midnight showing ;)
    We are all going to watch it outside, at midnight, on a B-I-G screen XD

  6. the one for the Netherlands is not right. I'm from the Netherlands and movies always come out on Thursdays and I checked our movie theatre release dates and it's July 1st. s not too bad.. it's one day before my birthday! best B-day present EVER

  7. I wanna go to Canada and see it... Or rather, Port Angeles.

  8. Yes, it really sucks to be a German! We always have to wait much longer... :-(

  9. Why isn't Slovenia on the list? :( It comes out June 30th here.

  10. Why do the Uk always get the dud deal? :(

  11. it doesnt say when it will be released in South Africa :( does anyone know?

  12. i always said that it's bad to live in Lithuania and now i have one more reason to say it..

  13. Hahaha

    thx so much I live in germany!!
    Damn *runningHeadFirstAgainstWall*

    I want to see it earlier!!!

    this is fu***** stupid!!

  14. aaaaw noo :'( what about VENEZUELA??????

  15. what's the release date for venezuela????


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