April 3, 2010

Eclipse Movie Companion Cover

Click for bigger

I'm liking the addition of the misty forest below... but I kind of wish there was some snow on the branches ;)

You can pre-order your copy at Amazon!

- Lorabell


  1. Wow, Lorabell,
    your REALLY wanting some tent scenes aren't you?!?!

    SO AM I!!!,(:

    And, I'm LOVIN the fact they added Taylor's biceps!,(:

    Nice touch,(:

    Definately buying one!!!,(:

  2. Oh, and...

    What the hell?

    Why does this come out the day before the movie?!
    I WANT IT NOW!!!

    They are not letting us see ANYTHING this time!!!

  3. Normally the Cullens would be appear on the bottom. . . I wonder why that changed for the Eclipse companion o_0

  4. This is kind of cool!! Too bad they didn't make a morph of Victoria in the shape of one of the trees/branches. That would of been sweet!! Have a great holiday all!!


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