April 11, 2010

Did I just spot an epic New Moon goof?

Nom nom nom - I don't share my dinner, Edward - outside of her right arm bite...

You're welcome, Kristen for the random still (you know I heart you!) - outside of her right arm bite...

Ah ha! Click and zoom... inside of her right arm bite!

So, I was having a New Moon watch-a-long with TK (say "Hi" in the comments, TK) as you do and realized... Bella's fricking scar is on the wrong fricking side or her emmer effing arm *face palm*

What goofs did you spot?

Pics via EverGlow

- Lorabell ;)


  1. No it's not. It's on both sides. If you flip your hand around you'll see that it's the right arm, and part of it is in showing. It does seem a little low though!

  2. It's sad but... I do this every time I buy a DVD! :D


    New Moon:

    Plus didn't James bite her on the hand in the book?

  3. I noticed that ages ago, before New Moon was even released - remember they released stills from the movie and one showed the scar in the wrong place? (the still from in Bella's bedroom).

    @Shanise, it is on the right arm but the scar is on the wrong side of her arm - he bit her so the scar would be on the side of her arm nearest her pinky but they put it on the side nearest her thumb, on the inside of her arm instead of outside.

  4. Does anyone know when everglow might have all of the New Moon DVD stills up? ^.^

  5. em no it isn't. lol. its on the right arm as it should be. on all three screen caps you can see its on the right arm.

  6. At first I thought NO it's right. And then I looked closer and YOU ARE RIGHT. (I think some of the commenters above thought you meant the wrong arm or something) but you are right.

    The best way to tell is isn't above the bite is on the side of her hand below her pinky finger. In the New Moon picture its on the side of her arm below her thumb.

  7. I think it was probably a deliberate mistake - Kristen would have had to have her hand in a pretty funny position for you to be able to see it in New Moon if they'd have been totally true to Twilight. Essentially, she just needs a scar on the right arm and that'll do...

  8. I told you he didn't bite straight on! In the bedroom scene with Jake she totally covers a bite that's fully on the inside of her wrist.

    I'm glad that our severe lameness can bring some sort of awareness, Lor. :D

  9. What are you talking about?
    In Twilight it's on the inside too..

  10. Total NM goof, it's on the inside of her right arm, good eye good eye

  11. @lieke_rietjens, um, no it's not. James is biting the side of her arm closest to her pinky in Twilight, they've put the scar on the side closest to her thumb in New Moon.

  12. i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post links but here is a better image of bella's scar ..you're right girls..the position is different

  13. I think the placement of the scar in New Moon would have made it easier when they filmed the scene in which Jacob notices the scar in Bella's room and she covers it with her other hand. The way she's positioned, her scar is right there for him to see, whereas if it were on the other side of her wrist, it would be pointed toward the floor. Maybe that's why they did it that way. Just a thought. Then again, maybe they had no clue whatsoever and it just turned out to be a lucky mistake!

  14. Umm... It's definately on the insidenof her arm in twilight to...

  15. Lorabell, I don't know when they posted this but IMDB has spotted the same issue on their New Moon Goofs page, me thinks ewe r correct...


    Continuity: When James bit Bella in the first movie, his upper set of teeth marks are in the center of her wrist, with the lower set being on the side of her wrist. When you see Bella's scars in her room with Jacob, the entire set of teeth marks have been shifted markedly to the right.

  16. PS and yes i know I have a serious problem when I'm trolling for answers to unasked questions a week after the fact... what's wrong with me!?


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