April 5, 2010

BooBoo Gets Smacked Down!

Bad times for BooBoo - apparently he got sucker punched during a signing at a mall in VC yesterday :(

1) Not cool - I don't care who you are, he's only 16 and always doing sweet things for charity.

2) Obviously they didn't know he's something of a martial arts ninja...

3) Don't not get Taycob upset - or things are going to get very ugly*!

- Lorabell

*points for quoteage :)


  1. What an idiot of a person to do that!

    Haha would of been great to see that person reaction when BooBoo unleashed his 'martial arts ninjaness'... bet they didn't see that one coming!

  2. #WeAdmireKStew was trending on Twitter earlier.

  3. Aww that's awful...I wish he would have used his martial arts ;)

  4. Moron! They probably didn't think he'd chase them down! MWAHA!

  5. Haha;
    I'd like to see BooBoo and Taylor unleash their ninja skillz on that jerk!!
    That would have been AMAZING!!!,(:

    And, Lorabell, nice quoteage ;)

  6. I'm glad that the Jerk got caught, what a real Moron.


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