April 27, 2010

Bid on Kristen Customized Coach Bag

As part of the Coach store launch in China, celebrities customized bags to auction on behalf of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.

Kristen customized this tote, which is available to bid HERE until May 13th...


- Lorabell


  1. Was thinkin' the same thing, Lorabell.. haha wtf -- yess? Would want it anyway 'cause I love Stew even though its kind of an ug doodle too *lol*

  2. I love KStew as much as the rest but there is no way I could walk down the street with a bag that looked like a loose child got a hold of. I pass.

  3. Is "YESS" suppose to mean ...yes!! i'm fucking RPattz. Just curious

  4. LOL this is so Stew. Like she's looking at this bag and she doesn't know what to do and someone asks "You done?" and she is "YESS!"
    Gah, I love her.


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