April 23, 2010

Beyond Awesome Eclipse Trailer Screen Cap Post!

***Um... spoiler?***

Click for AWESOME!

Go get'em, Jasper - grrr!

Via RPLife

- Lorabell *mind is blown!*


  1. wow! 0_o so many!!!

  2. This is a first!
    1 post that takes the WHOLE front page.
    I congratulate you Lorabell on your achievement... a first in the TwiCrack Addict universe!

  3. you seriously did a frame by frame just for us? AAAAwwww Lorabell ! your to much!

  4. @Alycya: LOL, I had to do some post adjustment so it didn't.

    @Maddie Allyssa: I can not take credit - I just embedded a gallery - uploading each frame would've taken until after BD's out with Blogger - trust!

    - Lorabell :)

  5. i hope we are keeping the meadow scene in,i would hope thats not goin to be removed,its so breathtaking,what a disappointment if they deleate it.

  6. Thank you for posting all of these ^.^
    Love em :)

  7. Who is that with Victoria bouncing from tree to tree? Sorry, I still miss Rachelle.

  8. uh doy is right!!! i wish i had come here last night!!! d'oh! that'll teach me - not sure where my mind has been of late...

    : )


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