March 24, 2010

Stupid Shiney Volvo Owner...

Update: I think I'm calling false on this - the fact that "Twilight Productions LLC" is listed as the rental company and that Tyra Banks gave away the original definitely flags red - thanks Alycya and KD!

Further Update: Having said that, Twilight Productions is listed on IMDB - hmmm...

The actual original silver Volvo from Twilight - yes, the very one Edward speeds to Bella's rescue in and drives back from Port Angeles in and stares down Billy Black in - is for SALE on Ebay!

Mmm... tightly long-finger gripped steering wheel *sigh*

Sooo, who wants to buy me a car? :D

- Lorabell


  1. This must be a rip-off.
    It was given away on Tyra when Rob and TayTay were on there to give it away.

    I'd beware of this one - sounds like a scam.

  2. Agree with that one. The original vehicle was given away by Rob himself on the Tyra Banks show.

    There's a comment on that listing providing the same details too.


  3. I thought the one Tyra gave away was just "like" the same Volvo...? The seller says he has production rental docs - hmmm!
    - Lorabell

  4. No wakkas! :D

    I mean, if that person is selling the REAL one, then I apologize but... it just seems highly unlikely because between Tyra and eBay - I'd believe Tyra. (Since Rob was physically there too)

  5. well im sure just like with bella's red truck(s) there is more than one car...

  6. I believe they had more than 1

  7. Yeah it's kinda sounds scam, I apologize if it's real. But as I have remember it was given away on Tyra.

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