March 12, 2010

The Runaways LA Premiere

Click for HQ gorgeousness

Love the effect of Dakota's dress and ADORE that Stewy's wearing hot pink for a change!

Via KStewartFans

- Lorabell

P.s. Apparently Taylor was there too - I'm a'searchin' ;)


  1. Dakota and Kstew look so pretty! Dakota looks like a princess and Kstew is rockin' that hot pink dress! Lovin' the bright color, Kstew :D

  2. Dakota looks like she just stepped off the ice rink, and Kristen's dress fit so poorly. Would someone please show that girl what good posture is? Sheesh!

  3. OMG Kristen wearing a neon pink dress... I don't believe my eyes! Her and little Dakota look beautiful

    Aonon: You're just jealous

  4. I love both of their dresses! :)) I found a pic of Taylor ... it's at the Runaways after-party :))


  5. I love color on Kristen Stewart, but I think that style/fit did NOTHING for her. It fit so poorly it was distracting. I didn't even notice her killer legs.

  6. Nikki Reed was seen there too from people that went to the premiere , but no pictures of her.

  7. Both are gorgeous but, Kristen in that PINK dress is a site for sore eyes! She just looks so comfortable and happy.


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