March 13, 2010

Runaways Premiere After Party Pics - With Taylor Too :)

Click for HQ

Whoohoo, found Taylor - and some more with Joan and Floria.

So sweet of Taylor to come support The Runaways... although, what must it be like watching two of your best buds on screen get it on? Awkward! Just sayin' ;)

Via KStewartFan

- Lorabell


  1. I think KStew changing into casual clothes at after party's will be her 'thing' from now on.

  2. who is the woman in white with the long dark hair?

  3. it's floria, she is the director of the runaways.

  4. So I think that those KStew feeling on Tay pictures where taken after KStew had at least one drink and I think that based on how she's looking at the camera, she's really just playing a joke on Rob. In all, I find Taylor's "oh-man-Rob's-gonna-see-this-pic&kick-my-ass" expression hilarious!


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