March 2, 2010

Rob on The View

Speed Post: Via TwiFans

Mu ah ah ah - DailyMotion is aliiiiiiive! :D

P.s. He is working that suit!


  1. He is so hot!
    Why does Barbara keep making reference to his fangs?? Did she not watch Twilight?

  2. I hate this... this... country-ism!
    Why an earth can't we see some vid's from the States!?


  3. At first I wanted to rail on Barbara for saying more than once that he had fangs in Twilight...them she compared him to James Dean. She redeemed herself a little.

  4. Lorabell you are officially the Queen of Alternatives.
    You always find a video that everyone can watch!
    Thanks again.

  5. Won't watch it.
    No matter how much I love Rob, I hate The View that much more.
    They need to take that show off the air.

  6. Give Barbra credit, she's in her seventies. She's lucky to know who Rob is at all.

    I hate the View too, Anonymous, but I'd watch Rob on anything. None of them looked like they knew what to say and poor Emlie was completly overlooked. I did enjoy seeing his family again. Their always on Ellen. God, their all beautiful! I think Rob looks like his mum.

  7. Just watched my DVR of the view and JF (which was very funny). @ Kerri agree poor Emilie she was a star in the movie too! it wasn't just about Rob.
    I love the fact they both have such strong accents and pull off the american acting so well.
    Also, love seeing Rob in lighter color clothes this week. Nice his family is here with him:))

  8. I agree, Kerri and Heidi Ho.
    I felt sorry for Emilie. I love Rob but wanted to hear a little more from Emilie.. not JUST how she dealt with all the hoopla during filming.

    Btw, Baba Wawa was soooo diggin' RPatz, don't blame her ;) lol

    @ Kerri: I agree. Rob gets 'IT' from his mamma! And his sisters are pretty too... but not as pretty as their little brother! hehe


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