March 1, 2010

Rob on the Today Show :)

Speed post:

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Thanks Irene!


  1. "Don't talk about vaginas, people are very sensitive about them"

    God I love this man :D

  2. He offered to pose naked? Who the fuck was crazy enough to turn that idea down?! Lol.

  3. i believe he was joking my dear lol

  4. @ Lorna- LOL I was thinking the same thing when I heard him say it, I know it was a joke- I love that type of humor!!-)
    Thanks for the speed post Lorabell- crazy am and I missed it. I have all the others set for the DVR, but I know I can count on you if I miss any:-D.

  5. I love Robs sense of hummor and I'm glad he doesnt hold back his quick wit. It makes for a much more intersting interview.

    @Lorna- preah it, sister!

  6. Rob teasing about doing a naked photo shoot is just cruel. He really should not joke about such a serious matter. My little hear can't take it.


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