March 28, 2010

Rob Arrives in Budapest for Bel Ami

Beanie Rob stopped to take a pic with fans as he arrived in Budapest today...

Oh Rob, London will miss you - come back soon!

Thanks Leia via ROBsessed

- Lorabell


  1. Please tell me he has multiple black beanies? I sport a gray one like it was my hair (because I don't have any), but I have more than one because they get gross even with washing.

  2. LOL TJB! I know, if he wears the same beanie day in and day out without washing it we have to have a talk with him. *shudders* I wonder if his mother attacks his laundry when he comes home. I bet she does. LOL.

    He looks funny in blue jeans. Im so used to his black ones.


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