March 6, 2010

Remember Me Soundtrack List!

1. Alien Lover (Luscious Jackson)
2. Play On (Kottonmouth Kings)
3. Kandles (National Skyline)
4. Soft Shoulder (Ani Difranco)
5. Have Mercy (Two Ton Boa)
6. Hanging With The Wrong Crowd (Ed Harcourt)
7. Why Did We Ever Meet (The Promise Ring)
8. You Can See Me (Supergrass)
9. Sea Of Teeth (Sparklehorse)
10. Andvari (Sigur Ros)
11. Parasol (The Sea And Cake)
12. Soul Brother (Us3)
13. Open Wide (Long Hind Legs)
14. The Sun Keeps Shining On Me (Fonda)

Wow, I suck and have never heard of 95% of these bands - fortunately, an equal 95% of my music comes from movie soundtracks :)

Via TwilightBlog

- Lorabell


  1. I was expecting that Sia song from the trailer to be on there.

  2. I've only heard of Sigur Ross and Supergrass(and maybe Ed Hardcourt?) haha and I love music, so don't feel bad Lorabell! I guess I'll be looking a few of these up :)

  3. Holy frakkin sheet! TWO TON BOA!!! And Sigur Ros?!?! Who was responsible for the awesomeness???

  4. Heard of Kottonmouth Kings, Sigur Ros, The Sea and Cake, and Supergrass. This is going to be one interesting sound track!

  5. Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) committed suicide yesterday... but it's cool one of his songs will be on the soundtrack. RIP

  6. Really great songs! Expecially Ani DiFranco! ;)


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