March 25, 2010

Pre-Order Eclipse Illustrated Movie Companion!

Now available from Amazon for delivery June 29th 2010!

They're really keeping Eclipse under wraps so far - unlike New Moon where we got the movie companion weeks in advance to obsess over ;)

Us? Addicts!? Naaah!

- Lorabell


  1. Hales Yeah ;)
    I like how they are keeping it under wraps...even though I really want to see certain scenes LoL.
    TwiAddict Here ^.^

  2. I have a really bad feeling they're gonna get to May and be like"oh well...we arent finished so you have to wait until November"

  3. Here in the land down unda, our bookstores are quoting may 18 for release of the companion. Maybe that is going to change???

  4. They're keeping everything under wraps because they've screwed up the script and they're trying to fix it. They fired the film editor waaaay late in the process (bad sign), the whole cast has said in interviews the movie is more action than love oriented, and the leaked Eclipse script is more geared toward Riley/Victoria and Bella/Jacob and not a whole lot about Bella/Edward. We probably won't get anything for a long time because they're doing their best to save this disaster!


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