March 28, 2010

Nikki (not so pale) at Kids Choice Awards

How different does this gal look with a tan?

Love the shoes!

Via Team Twilight

- Lorabell


  1. So are her and Kristen not best friends anymore? They used to be attached at the hip and I know that they have busy schedules but they haven't been photographed together for AGES!

  2. @DarlingV: I think they're still good buds but it must have been awkward after Kristen split with Oregano - wasn't he friends with Nikki before?

  3. @ Anon - OOOOOOOOO See I had no idea, I just always remember thing how cute Kris and Nikki were as best buds I really like both of them so that was nice to see.

    It was kinda sad to see all the rumors flying around.. Nikki was messing around w/ Organo or Kris stopped being friends w/ her over Robert.. I was like 'that cant be ture if they were good friends they wouldn't stop being that cuz of a guy.' That would be childish lol.

  4. I just thought that it was interesting that she did not attend the premier of the runaways in LA... after all Taylor did... in any case, it would be awkward, she is friends with both Kristen and I am sure that the nature of there friendship has changed since Kristen and Robert started dating. Nikki has a new sort of jet setting life with her new boyfriend, she quit smoking and seems to be growing up into quite a nice mature woman. Kristen stills smoke like its about to go out of style and needs to get her head out of her ass.


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