March 25, 2010

New Moon Set Class Photo... Rob's a few grades behind ;)

Click for Volturi
LOL, seriously - how sweet does Rob look here? It's like he got called in from the kids table for the family shot - bless!

Via Melissa Rosenberg

- Lorabell

P.s. I'm still really bothered by Alice's questionable fashion choices in this movie :/


  1. Awwww This photo is super adorable!! I love how Stephenie's sitting like a queen, in the middle on Aro's throne! And Rob does look sweet... him and Kristen are kinda sitting the same way... Aw they're so in tune with each other w/o even trying :) And Lorabell, hopefully Alice's Eclipse fashion choices will redeem her NM dudds.

  2. I love how smiley Michael Sheen is. He looks like he is in a school photo.

  3. I agree with you, Lorabell. When Bella looks more stylish than Alice, you KNOW there's something wrong.

  4. aw look at michael

  5. Hahaha, Michael is the only one smiling with his teeth.

  6. he and kristen are almost mirroring each other, hand placement, foot turned in...

  7. Super adorable!
    all of them are soo so cute.

  8. Sooo cute ^.^

    @Living With Edward, so funny and true ;)

    I also hope Alice's clothes get better. I think they were trying to start some trends with her but that didn't happen LoL. We still love her though :)

  9. ha ha-"Lorabell is bothered" but I do agree with you...a little too matronly!


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