March 22, 2010

New Moon Extended Scene Uber Post!

Via NewMoonMovie

- Lorabell - back in the U of K!


  1. I bought the Ultimate Fan Edition from WalMart.
    I thought that it would have ALL of the extended scenes and the behind the scenes, but it doesn't have ANY of these!
    I'm so confused!
    It says it is the ULTIMATE!
    It only has a few other things on it.


  2. Why do they always cut all the scenes down. They always cut the stuff that explains so much. How do they not understand that the movie could be 5 hours long and the fans would still go see it again and again. If they are going to make an ultimate fan movie, they should leave all the extended scenes in the movie.
    when will they ever learn?

  3. ok WHY do i still feel the need to buy multiple copies of the dvd for the various extras even though i know it's all going to be right here?! i can't help myself... i have problems - lol!

    : )

  4. Thanks for posting these!!!

    I must say I miss you - I have more Twilight fun when you are around!!!

  5. My daughter "made" me buy the Target edition AND the Walmart edition because she specifically WANTED these extended scenes and they not on there. Is there a DVD edition available out there that has these? On a side note.... why is it that the deleted scenes always have the best lines from the books????

  6. i have these on my dvd and i just bought the 2 disc special edition with edward on the front, this is in england tho so i dont know whats its like in other countries?


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