March 1, 2010

Mu ah ah ah - Eclipse Still Scans!

Click for leg hitch - oh yes!

For anyone who missed these when they first came out - splash around in Famous Mag's scans for a lil' while :)

Via ROBsessed

- Lorabell


  1. I talk alot about Twilight as well...I love this blog...everytime I tell someone that their is a blog called TwiCrack Addict, they look at me funny. I just say I'm addicted, get over it!!! LOL!

  2. I'm kinda sad from this :(
    One, it says "No leg hitch scene"...but I hope it's something like that, it looks like it.
    Two, what's with the interview with Rob saying he's allergic to the vajayjay? Please tell me that's his way of making a joke? If not, I'm really sad LoL :(

  3. @Jade514: It's a reference to his quote from the Details interview - too funny!
    - Lorabell :)

  4. What mag did this come out of?

  5. Bullshit , how come Bella didn´t get the bracelet from Jake? She´s using it in the pictures

  6. Thank the good lord for more than 2 little kisses in Eclipse. Thank you David slade you are my hero.

  7. No leg hitch in the film? WHY???

  8. Cut KStew out and put me in those pictures:)


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