March 16, 2010

Kristen on Regis & Kelly - Twitpic & Video...


Via Regis_And_Kelly

I'm suuuper jealous of all those who got to go - I could've been there *facepalm*

P.s. Check out JustJared for pics of Stewy arriving into NYC for The Runaways promo


  1. Whoa that shirt is totally see-through. She was rockin' those pleather pants like no ones business.

    Saw the JJ pics - I wonder what was on KStews Kindle.

  2. @TJB: Lol, I fricking love the outfit ;)
    - Lorabell x

  3. The outfit.. total Jett vibe. And Kristen rocks those leather (or pleather) pants like no one else!
    And she really seems at ease doing these interviews.

  4. Kstew is getting better at this stuff. I am not an agist, but I have to ask, why is Reggis still on TV? He's like the provervial cantankerous grampa clearing his throat when guests are talking... Repeately Interrupting the guest.... Commenting on how tight her pants are... He was not better when Rob was on the show. I know he's just out of touch and in some ways is cute... But do we have to watch it?


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