March 17, 2010

Kristen on Jimmy Fallon...

I love how they're all matchy - they'd make a cute couple, lol...

- Lorabell

P.s. Dear Anon 6.28,

1) I'll admit, I didn't get time to watch this immediately before posting as I've been traveling, but now I have agree that Jimmy isn't crushing on Stew so hard here.

2) However, you can not deny that he is not all over her when she was previously on the show.

3) If you've got so much to say, grow a pair and don't post it anonymously.

4) I am in fact not a lesbian. If it matters to you if I was, that's your problem, not mine. If you have an issue with it, you're welcome not to visit this blog.

P.p.s. Thanks Anon 7.18, Norevoli, TJB and Luxie for having my back there :)


  1. I really don't get why everyone thinks Fallon is "crushing" on Stewart. That's merely his persona, he's like that to EVERY guest on the show - if you would look it up, you'd see he's always very gushy around celebs. Gushier, even, than around Stewart. It's kind of his trademark, really.

  2. I agree too. Jimmy Fallon is always like that. He is like school girl around everyone. That is why i love him.

  3. I dont know you guys. I agree with Lorabell, I think he is majorly crushing. He said she was great in the movie like once every 45 seconds and its a 5 minute interview. I shouldve counted how many times he did. I think its cute though. I love it. Go Team Kimmy? Krimmy? Lol. jk. Im team robsten all the way but its cute.

  4. Here she goes again, cramming her lesbian feelings about Kristin down our throats. Looks like I'm going to stay away from Twicrack, again.

    I hope Kristen has a lot of bodyguards around her, if Lorabell is going to be anywhere near her tonight.

  5. @Anon 6:28. Ouch. I think that's a foul.

  6. @Anon 6:28 - wow. One: learn to take a joke. Two: You're right, maybe you should stay away from Twicrack. Idiot.

  7. I love how weirdly funny awkward they are with each other - it is seriously cute. Jimmy can fan-girl over KStew or anyone else for that matter because it works with his personality.

    I wish I was in that audience because no one seemed to know anything about Lita "kick ass" Ford and I would've did a few whoops for her when Fallon was wondering if she sang "Kiss Me Deadly" because she did. Also, would've groaned when he kept calling "The Runaways" a punk band.

    And Anon 6:28 if you are being sarcastic it's hard for folks to tell when you do it under the Anonymous heading, it just appears that you are being a dick.

  8. Anon 6:28:
    You should stay away from Twicrack because no one wants to read your idiotic comments.

    Lorabell, Thanx for posting this because I totally forgot she was going to be on :)

    Kristen's dress is SICK! And I think its safe to say that Jimmy hearts Kstew! Awww

  9. I agree Lorabell, I think he does have a crush on Kristen ;)

    Anon 6:28 pm - Please stay away, because you obviously can't take a joke. We don't like to read "child like" comments, grow up.

  10. I just agree with Lorabell's posts and with people who are defending her.

    Anon 6:28,
    If you don't like what she is posting read other blogs!!!

  11. No prob, Lorabell! Glad to have a fellow Kstew fan's back.

    Sadly, no one is ever safe from trolls :/

  12. wow so i had this whole lovely comment typed up and posted and then i hit the delete comment button. yay me.

    anyway lorabell i have a huge kstew crush. Thank you for stating you have one too bc it makes me feel better about mine. lol

    i know we should all respect another's opinions, but please no bashing and respect us by not doing just that.

  13. HA. I'm "Anon 6.28", and I don't know who you're talking to about Fallon crushing on Kristen, because I don't care. I didn't say anything about that. Try reading more carefully.

    As for what I DID say, if you don't like people assuming you're gay, guess what- it's your own fault. You say things about Kristen that make her seem like your personal pin-up girl. You're like a dog in heat. You claim to be such an avid KStew fan- what a joke! Kristen is obviously uncomfortable and overwhelmed around over-zealous fans. I can't imagine how creeped out she would be by reading your constant sexual inuendos. Or don't you think she reads this stuff? (or do you hope she does?) And you're ALWAYS saying that kind of stuff. Every now and then and it would seem like a "joke", but it doesn't, because you never stop with it. I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Maybe I'm just not afraid to post against the grain, because I don't care if you're offended. You offend ME.

    As for me posting "anonymous", so what? lol Like if I posted under an actual screen name, that would tell you anything? What do you want, my e-mail? My home address? What would you do, if I actually gave them to you? NOTHING. Grow up.

    As for the folks calling me names, you're funny! Taking me to task, when you're stooping to name calling, all because you don't like my opinion. Hypocrites. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Lastly, I have stopped coming to Twicrack before. This used to be my favorite Twilight site, before Lorabell took over completely with all her nonsense. I don't mind not coming here again. I was hoping the original Twi would take her site back over, but oh well. There are plenty of other sites out there, just as informative, way less nauseating.

    Have a nice day!! :)

  14. Good riddence to people like the one above. Go harrass someone else and spare the rest of us from having to listen to your antics. If anyone is nauseating here its definately you! Shoo fly!

  15. You don't know Laura personally so I don't know how you can have such a harsh judgement of her. No one forces you to come here. Internet fighting is stupid.


  16. What is going on in here? I agree that there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing your opinion, but please put it into context. Have some respect if you want some back. Or, based on your "reply", maybe you don't. And for telling the others to grow up? Maybe you should take a piece of your own advice. Call us the hypocrites?

  17. Dear Anon 6:28,



  18. what is wrong with you people. If Lorabell is a "lesbian" then you can throw that around us all.
    By the way, Lorabell I love you .. in a sexual way .. Jokes. But seriously.
    SAKE, why would you come on here just to be nasty. No NEED.

  19. Oh my goodness its crazy how all of this got out of hand. In all honesty, Lorabell expresses herself about everything...and that's what youre supposed to do in a blog! Hello. The original TwiCrack needed help and since Lorabell took over we have had wwwwaaaay more coverage...sometimes i think lorabell never sleeps. (props to you)

    As for the anon 6:28 guy...i do believe you're entitled to your opinion but I also think its veerry rude for you to just lash out things at Lorabell because you don't like something about her. It is hers and Twicracks blog ya know? and some people looove her. Truthfully, the best result is just stop coming here. you're too aggressive and top of that careless.

  20. First I would like to say that this is the first post I have ever made on Twicrack. I visit the site very often. I have always enjoyed the antics of TCA and Lorabell.

    I am a part of the minority Twi fan base. I am not a teen or middle aged female. I am a mid -twenties, professional, educated woman; who also happens to be a lesbian. Yes, you read that right. I enjoy the series for the same reason as many fans. I love the escape aspect of reading the books and watching the films. I read the original anon 6:28 comment and became very upset. It was very difficult to read such ignorance in a fan world I previously saw as open and accepting. I felt compelled to comment, but was afraid of recourse. That is sad! The Twilight series has been a source of fun and entertainment for many different types of people.

    Last night I purchased the New Moon DVD shortly after midnight at my local Wal-Mart. As always, I expected to get glares or a comment about being crazy for buying in to the Twilight craziness. I did not receive this reaction at all. There was a huge line around the whole store of very different people waiting to buy the DVD. I was in front of a mid- thirties women with children. I was immediately behind an obviously straight man, and further behind two obviously gay men.

    Fans are fond of the Twilight stars for the characters they portray and the people they are in real life. Each fan has the right to visit their own Twi - site of choice. This is a blog. It is not a government run - politically correct web site. Please feel free to read other sites if Twicrack is not your style. Stating that Fallon is crushing on Kristen Stewart is hardly vulgar or offensive. To anon 6:28, thank you for reminding me that I am very fortunate to have been raised and educated in a respectful environment that accepts individuals for the uniqueness they bring to the table. I was raised to say nothing if I do not have anything nice to say. Slapping a “lesbian” label was an easy and lack luster way of expressing your dissatisfaction with Twicrack. To Lorabell, thank you for always having great coverage of the Twilight world. I would appreciate the site no matter if you were male, female, gay, lesbian, straight, bi-sexual, or some other combination of the above.

  21. There's always someone lurking who hopes to cause trouble online. I can only speak for myself, but I love this site, agree with you, and are entertained by your posts -- otherwise I wouldn't visit everyday. Don't let one stinker ruin it for everyone else. If he/she doesn't get why we love Kristen, that's her problem. Usually the people who protest about lesbian overtones are extremely uncomfortable with their own sexuality. I love and adore Kristen. It doesn't make me gay. I can say she's hot too, and it doesn't make me a lesbian. People like Anon 6.28 are usually very repressed and feel the need to lash out at others to make themselves feel better. We LOVE Kristen. Deal with it!


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