March 18, 2010

Sparkly Kristen & Dakota at the NY Runaways Premiere...

Click for dazzle ;)

1) Yay, The Runaways is out - whoop whoop!

2) How much do we love Kristen and Dakota in these dresses?

3) I GOT TO GO *bouncy bouncy bouncy* ... more to come on that soon ;)

See more pics at FierceBitchStew

- Lorabell


  1. kristens dress looks a little slutty./sorry

  2. Aw, everyone looks friggin' fantastic. I adore KStew's team brought out the pink lipstick.

    And I constantly forget how tiny (height wise) Joan is. I guess because she is bigger than life to me.

    Also adore how hard-core rock ass Floria is.

  3. Nah.. Kristen dress isn't slutty! *Kstew eye roll*

    They all look great. And Joan Jett looks great.. Btw, how old is she? I thought I heard she was 50 sum? (doesn't look it).

    Loving Stew's whole getup: the hair, shoes, dress, makeup .. absolutely bootiful!

  4. I don't like Kristen dress, it shows a sad mistake, and i agree the size of the dress and the location, it looks a little bit slutty. Don't get me wrong, i adore Kristen , it's the dress i don't like.


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