March 9, 2010

Eclipse Teaser Trailer This Thursday?!

Speed post:

SNDFilms is the Twilight franchise's distributor in France - translated into English they Tweet:

You will discover this Thursday the teaser of TWILIGHT - CHAPTER 3: ECLIPSE! More info to come on tomorrow!

Holy CROW it's about time!

Via TwiFans

Update: Hmmm... Apparently the Tweet has been deleted - thanks Alycya - someone at SDN might just have been fired!


  1. I don't think so, i'm french , The snd would say We'll got a teaser of eclipse, I hope We"ll have got the trailer, but I don't think so, Shame on you snd, what's opinion of the france send you in the world if you lie, or be incapable to differenciate teaser and trealer lol

  2. Ooh!!
    But on TwiFans they made an update saying:
    SND just remove his message of twitter. In my opinion, they were wrong or in the words teaser / trailer or in the date.


    ECLIPSE TRAILER to be released tomoz!!!!!!!!


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